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Wireless + Plug and Play Sensors = Easy Installation

Believe it or not, our continuous monitoring solution really is this easy to install.

Plug and Play Installation Makes Getting Started with PharmaWatch Incredibly Easy

The only hardware required is the monitoring sensor. There's no need to purchase a special server, install software or conduct a laborious validation process.

Because PharmaWatch is sold as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), there are no worries related to software licenses, annual support fees, or upgrades to the hardware and software.

Once the installation is complete, you are provided with manageable user names, passwords and electronic signatures. All in full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Physical Installation Process

#1 Wireless Sensors may be installed by the user or a qualified technician.

Graphic showing how user installs wireless temperature sensor onto fridge.

#2 Simple and easy connection allows the sensor to connect to the internet utilizing the client WiFi network.

#3 Changes to the sensor configuration are accomplished using the intuitive portal interface.

Graphic showing user configuring sensor and PharmaWach Monitoring Portal

#4 Configuration and calibration time periods are documented and made available to all relevant regulatory agencies.

As a part of the installation process, sensor readings are calibrated through the use of standard SOP and NIST/NPL-traceable reference thermometers.

Graphic showing NIST and CDC calibration approval.

#5 Authorized personnel may access the PharmaWatch portal as soon as installation is complete.

Graphic of user accessing the PharmaWatch portal after calibration.

Installation is Complete

Your continuous monitoring equipment will then transmit data to your local WiFi. The data is sent to our secure cloud servers via the Internet. Sensor readings are calibrated through the use of standard SOP and NIST/NPL-traceable reference thermometers as part of the installation process.

All compliance audit and validation documentation is published in an electronic format. All secure website user activity is logged for subsequent qualification and audit purposes.