Portal Login and Access

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Anywhere, Anytime

You now have access to (24/7) Real-Time critical cold storage monitoring data. Also set custom alerts and much more!

While other cold storage monitoring systems require local server space or a dedicated PC, PharmaWatch requires no installation of local computer hardware or software. Thanks to its web-based cloud architecture, your data is collected by our temperature monitoring sensors, then downloaded directly to a secure server. It can be viewed only by authorized personnel, in real time, via any internet-connected device. Anywhere in the world.

Accessing the Portal

The PharmaWatch Portal is a web based software program designed to allow users the easy interpretation of complex data collected by our remote, wireless sensors. By logging in to the web portal, authorized personnel will be able to add users, interpret data , monitor critical environments, and set custom alarm limits for each sensor. Users will have access to real time measurements and multiple report layouts. Including basic table views and complex long term analytics. All from the click of a mouse.

The Dashboard Allows Instant Access to Key Monitoring Data

The dashboard is the first page viewed, it shows all critical monitored zones on a single web page. It consists of a 12 hour graph, current alert status, and the most recent value for each environment. Fully customizable, this front page is a quick glance at the most important data.

A Friendly User Interface Provides Easy Access to Data and Reports in 3 Clicks or Less

Screenshot of the PharmaWatch Web Portal Friendly User Interface

We've done our research and have seen about every monitoring user interface out there. Our web portal was designed to keep things simple, intuitive and get you the information you need quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The well designed and intuitive User Interface lets administrators monitor multiple cold storage units across multiple locations. PharmaWatch users have the freedom to easily and efficiently view enterprise-wide assets via a single web portal.

Customize Your Alerts and be notified via phone, email, text or pager

PharmaWatch critical healthcare storage monitoring alert screenshot.

Alerts are transmitted only to authorized recipients. Escalations are user-defined and corrective actions are securely recorded. All data is available for custom reporting, analysis, audits and documentation. All with electronic signature tracking.

The portal allows Managers to fully configure alerts for compliance preferences and thresholds.

Analyze Long-Term Monitoring Data With Detailed Trend Charts

With more than ten fully customizable charts, your staff can remotely monitor temperature, pressure, light and humidity trends over days, weeks or months. These charts give our customers the power to view potential equipment problems before they occur. The charts enable the diagnosis of problems from a distant location. Analytics are available before an excursion occurs.

Generate Fully Compliant Audit Reports

As a user you can access all compliance audit and validation documentation. Critical monitoring data is published in an electronic format. All user activity is logged for subsequent qualification and audit purposes.

All reports and records are fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. They are securely stored on virtualized fault-tolerant systems.

Our Monitoring Analytics Cover More Than Just Data

PharmaWatch analytics cover more than just the data collected. Administrative analytics allow Managers to understand user access history and frequency. Historical data can help Engineering or Maintenance personnel assess and rectify a faulty unit or difficult environment.

PharmaWatch Managers can access basic temporal trends, or extensive user-protocol analysis.